Essential Function Job Analysis Syllabus

1. Introduction to the Course
2. The Changing World of Job Analysis
3. Course Materials to Download
4. Resources and References for Your Professional Library
5. Homework Assignments
6. The Essential Function Job Analysis Report

A. Who Reads the Report and Why
B. The General Components of the Report
C. Five Formats

1. Full Report
2. Condensed to Four Pages
3. Condensed to Department of Labor
4. Condensed to Metrics
5. Essential Function Task Statements Only

7. Essential Function Task Statements

A. Why Are They Important?
B. How to Write Concise Statements

8. The Digital World of Job Analysis

A. The Job Analysis Software
B. The Dictionary of Occupational Titles Database
C. O*Net
D. The Job Analysis Forms Set

9. Preparing to Evaluate

A. Before You Leave Your Clinic
B. The On-Site Visit
C. The Structured Interview

10. Measuring Physical Demands
11. Measuring Non-Physical Demands
12. Unusual Jobs, Tasks, Environments and Situations
13. Related Topics

A. Essential Function Job Analysis and Ergonomic Evaluation
B. Deposition and Court
C. Liability Issues

14. Marketing Job Analysis Services

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