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Essential Function Job Analysis – Cognitive and Physical

Live, Online with Roy Matheson, ADAC, MTM

Live Broadcast Contact Hours: 6.0

Self-Paced Research, Practicum, and Reading Contact Hours: 4.0

Total Contact Hours: 10.0

Tuition: $345


An essential function job analysis (EFJA) is the foundation of human resources management. Recruitment, selection, performance management, and career development methodologies depend on current and accurate knowledge of a position’s qualification standards.

Data from an essential function job analysis tells the story of what it takes to be qualified for a position. The story can be read in a concise list of the essential and marginal functions of a job, a map of the physical and cognitive demands that support the functions, and the confirmation of the job-relatedness of essential function tasks. The legal defensibility of hiring decisions, the composition of post-offer employment tests, and functional capacity evaluations for return-to-work or the safety of stay-at-work are each supported by an accurate EFJA. This same document is used for resolution of disparate impact in testing and hiring.

At the individual employee level, an EFJA may assist in establishing the “reasonableness” of a requested accommodation or may inform the magnitude and duration of a reported direct threat.


The Importance of a Cognitive Demands Profile

The growing technology-dependence and complexity of the workplace have resulted in a far greater need for cognitive skill at all levels of employment. Parallel to the need for cognitive skill is the need for data about the cognitive demands of work. Resolution of questions about the match between a worker’s post-injury ability and the demands of the job begins with an EFJA which includes cognitive demands.

For many, this course will serve as a first look at the methods of cognitive task analysis. Augmenting our discussion of the history and methods of cognitive demands analysis is a practicum involving a cognitive ability profiling tool.


Skills You Will Gain

  • How to write compliant essential function task statements
  • Perform a cognitive demands analysis
  • How to conduct a pre-analysis interview
  • Compile or verify a list of compliant essential function task statements
  • How to select cognitive or physical demands for analysis
  • Validate job-relatedness of work tasks to essential function statements
  • How to approach measurement of physical demands tied to essential functions
  • How to approach the analysis of cognitive demands tied to essential functions
  • Tie the measurement of physical and cognitive demands to essential functions
  • How to update the structure of your job analysis report

Live and Delayed Broadcast Schedule

Each Tuesday and Thursday of the course’s schedule, one or more modules will be broadcast live. Join the broadcast at the times listed to interact with Roy and other participants.

In addition to the live broadcasts, a recording of each session will be available for your viewing 24 hours after the original presentation. If you are not available to attend the live broadcast, catch the recording at a time that works for you. To review a session, log into the recorded version.

Each recorded session will be available until noon Monday of the following week.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 – Noon Eastern Time – 60 minutes followed by Q and A

Thursday, August 23, 2018 – Noon Eastern Time – 60 minutes followed by Q and A

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 – Noon Eastern Time – 60 minutes followed by Q and A

Thursday, August 30, 2018 – Noon Eastern Time – 60 minutes followed by Q and A

Tuesday, September 3, 2018 – Noon Eastern Time – 60 minutes followed by Q and A

Thursday, September 5, 2018 – Noon Eastern Time – 60 minutes followed by an unlimited discussion

About Matheson Essentials

The focus of Matheson Essentials, LLC is the cohort of occupational therapists, physical therapists, and ergonomic evaluators who offer functional capacity evaluation, post-offer employment testing, essential function job analysis, and reasonable accommodation solutions. Our intention is to continue the education of individuals who have or will be trained by Roy Matheson and Associates, Inc. and its predecessor, Matheson Education and Training Solutions (METS).  Access to our knowledge and expertise is not limited to RMA/METS graduates. Rehabilitation professionals seeking advanced employment testing and reasonable accommodation skills under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section VII of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act are welcome to experience a Matheson training.