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Online and Live Training for Rehabilitation Professionals

Matheson Job Analysis – Cognitive and Physical

An essential function job analysis (EFJA) is the foundation of human resources management. Recruitment, selection, performance management, and career development methodologies depend on current and accurate knowledge of a position’s qualification standards. Further,...

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ADA Title I Implications for FCE and POET Practitioners

The key to the long-term success of your functional capacity evaluation (FCE) and post-offer testing (POET) career is to adopt a federal court-accepted ADA Title I medical examination process. No matter which evaluation ‘system’ you use, the Americans with Disabilities Act process determines your compliance or violation of the law. This unique workshop delivers a practical foundation that minimizes your risk of federal non-compliance. This is brain-on, practical training: you come away well grounded in the premise and purpose of work evaluation under ADA Title I with a focus on your process roadmap.

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How to Perform a Matheson Essential Function Job Survey

The September 2018, denial of a request for summary judgment in Ammons v. Chicago Board of Education makes clear the value of a current job survey when dealing with an ADA Title I hiring, discipline, or termination action. Indeed, recruitment, selection,...

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