Essential Function Job Analysis Plus Post-Offer Employment Testing Software


The Matheson Essential Function Job Analysis (EFJA) and Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET) Software is just what the name implies: a tool for producing essential function job analyses that  link the physical demands of the job to the essential or marginal functions of the job.

The reports issued from the EFJA software quantify the job in both Department of Labor terminology (Sedentary, Light, Medium, Heavy, Very Heavy with frequencies of Occasional, Frequent, or Constant) while also reporting the actual forces involved in the job. Federal standards require that we move beyond the broad force and task duration categories that date to the early era of the Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures.

The evaluation procedures supported by the Matheson Essential Function Job Analysis software reflect recent federal court cases which outline the current principles of ADA Title I job analysis.



Essential Function Job Analysis Software

An accurate and up-to-date essential function job analysis (EFJA) has become the “go-to” document used in the hiring, POET, return-to-work FCE, and reasonable accommodation processes. Companies in tune with the demands of the Americans with Disabilities Act realize the necessity of updating old-school job descriptions with an analysis that links the essential functions of a job to the physical demands of that job. The Matheson EFJA software guides you through the creation of just such a document.

Post-Offer Test Protocol Software

High risk jobs often warrant post-offer testing to screen for those individuals whose current ability is unsafe given the physical demands of the essential functions of the job.  With a current essential function job analysis in hand, creation of a valid post-offer test protocol is a matter of linking the test to the physical demands of the essential functions.  Creating and retaining an employer’s EFJA and POET protocols is easily accomplished with the combined Matheson EFJA and POET software.