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Reasonable Accommodation Training for Cities and Counties

Cities and counties across the United States are entrusted with the responsibility to comply with the employment provisions of Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Not only is compliance good business, it is the doorway to a range of highly effective hiring and retention practices.

Many city and county insurance groups require periodic refresher training in the practice of reasonable accommodation. Our training is available in formats for the individual, for private groups, and for annual professional association conferences. Options for each type of group are described below.


Product Description

Course Topics

  • City and county government obligations under ADA Title I (Employment)
  • The obligation to accommodate an employee’s disability or sincerely held religious beliefs
  • The work restriction to job task connection: is accommodation necessary?
  • Responding to requests for reasonable accommodation
  • The methodical reasonable accommodation exploration process
  • Step-by-step resolution of complex or unusual requests
  • The supervisor’s role in the reasonable accommodation process
  • Handling of information received from one requesting an accommodation
  • The definition of “disability” under Title I of the amended ADA
  • Your weakest link: old fashion job descriptions
  • How to justify an “Undue Hardship” decision
  • Working with union representatives in the reasonable accommodation process
  • Our ultimate goal: hiring and retaining the “Qualified Individual”

The 275 page course manual includes the presentation in a format for note taking and a robust reference section for Reasonable Accommodation Program Managers. You are encouraged to print one copy of the presentation section for each student. In order to conserve resources, we encourage you to limit printing of the reference section to those who will actually refer to the materials contained therein.

The reference section of the manual contains current and precedent setting examples of federal court and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) settlements linked to the topics covered in the training.

Available Formats

This course is available in a variety of formats:

  1. A private, highly interactive, live on-line 3-hour session tailored to your group
  2. An in-person session with Roy Matheson at a site convenient to your staff, professional group, or annual conference
  3. An on-demand, self-paced course covering the same topics as the live courses.

To arrange the mode of training that meets your needs, contact us at or fill-out the form below.