Reasonable Accommodation Start-Up Lab

A major component of Title I of the Americans with Disability Act is the requirement that private sector employers, municipalities, county and state government entities respond to requests for reasonable accommodation by applicants and employees in a prescribed manner, while doing so in good faith.

Creating such a corporate or municipal reasonable accommodation program can be a daunting task. Worrying about making expensive mistakes along the way drains creative energy and time. The Reasonable Accommodation Start-Up Lab was created to guide you along the path to successful program implementation and management. The Lab is our online hub where those responsible for program development access self-paced online training, download our step-by-step reasonable accommodation management tools, and connect to the reasonable accommodation management software. The Lab is also the place to monitor the questions and answers that flow from our unlimited live, real-time support.

Learning how to manage a reasonable accommodation program takes more than reading a technical manual or attending a workshop at a national conference. The Reasonable Accommodation Start-up Lab is the next logical step after you have realized that you have a need to assist an individual with a possible accommodation, after you return home from an ADA training session, or when you have been appointed program manager.

Think of the Start-Up Lab as a series of virtual ‘learning zones’ or classrooms along the lines of the European Future Classroom Lab approach to learning. The Lab has “zones” or sections which focus on essential function job analysis, employment testing under the ADA, and reasonable accommodation administration.

Your investment in the Start-Up includes tuition to the online, self-paced “Reasonable Accommodation Training for the Program Manager.” After completion of the online training the  learning process continues with an introduction to our step-by-step framework for managing requests for accommodation. The framework brings together the three main influences of reasonable accommodation best practice: The official “Guidance” issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the instructions to EEOC investigators for analyzing the merits of a charge of failure to provide reasonable accommodation, and our on-going analysis of federal court decisions in the area of reasonable accommodation

Although we do not provide legal advice we do draw on knowledge gained through public resources which assist us to tune the daily search for reasonable accommodation solutions.


** Details of the “Reasonable Accommodation Training for the Program Manager” online course can be found in the employer or municipal drop down menus on the top navigation bar.

Six months of unlimited support demonstrates our commitment to your on-going success. In the context of the Lab, “unlimited support” means that we will be there to talk with you by phone or by email during normal business hours to resolve anxiety producing questions and to troubleshoot interesting situations.

In addition to one-on-one support we host twice monthly online meetings with the Lab community to exchange tips about day-to-day best practices, to discuss ideas for resolution of road blocks, and to share important EEOC or federal court updates.

Does our commitment look like we “have your back” during the beginning months of program development and implementation? It should. We take this approach because we know that ADA Title I subject matter creates hundreds of “what if” questions for the learner. And we know that a simple chat about an issue can save hours of reading, research, and unnecessary effort on your part. A simple pointer in the right direction allows you to get back to managing requests for accommodation. We know because we’ve been there!