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Medical Examinations

Isokinetic Strength Test Triggers $3,200,000 Settlement

Chainsaws don't hurt people, people do. And isokinetic strength and aerobic capacity tests don't discriminate against people, work evaluators do. The June 13, 2018 announcement of a consent decree between the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)...

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Gucker v U.S. Steel – Functional Capacity Evaluation Implications

The ADA Title I Medical Examination Specialist (T1MES) designation recognizes the individual who has acquired the knowledge, skill, experience, training, and education to design and administer a medical examination as defined in 42 U.S. Code § 12112 – Discrimination (d) medical examinations and inquiries.

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Staffing Agency Faces Federal Charges Under ADA Title 1

Staffing Agency Faces Federal Charges Under ADA Title I - Blog #69 Reasonable Accommodation for the Hiring Process Perceived WORK-RELATED Disability Regarded As Agency Administered Employment Test Deemed "Too Slow" Unknown Physical Demands of the Essential Function in...

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Municipal Worker with Two Disabilities

This blog post is based on a question from a participant in a recent webinar. “I have a situation where I performed an FCE (a one-day worker evaluation) on an individual who is a municipal worker.  He has been on light duty for a biceps tendon repair, and...

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A $1,600,000 ADA Title I Power Shortage at Georgia Power

November 15, 2016 Updated August 2018 (keywords: essential function job analysis, Americans with Disabilities Act, title I, human resource, reasonable accommodation, employment testing, cognitive, physical, disability) Three years ago, I coached a physical...

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