Medical Examinations

Municipal Worker with Two Disabilities

This blog post is based on a question from a participant in a recent webinar. “I have a situation where I performed an FCE (a one-day worker evaluation) on an individual who is a municipal worker.  He has been on light duty for a biceps tendon repair, and...

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Shining a Light on Fit-for-Duty

Fitness-for-Duty Vendor Entangles Cummins Power in Title 1 and GINA Trap Here is another cautionary tale for employers who hire outside medical professionals to administer ADA Title 1 employment tests. Although occupational therapists, physical therapists,...

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Changing or Removing An In-Place Accommodation

  An employer has the right to change work methods, production targets, and qualification standards as business necessity dictates. As the number of qualified individuals who have an in-place reasonable accommodation grows, those of us who manage these...

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Nobody In My Department Works With Limitations

  Albert E. Gucker was a 30 year veteran at U.S. Steel’s Irvin Works Tractor Shop. During 8 of those years he had a 30-pound lifting restriction imposed by company physicians. The presence of the restriction meant one of two things: his job did not require...

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