Workers’ Compensation

Isokinetic Strength Test Triggers $3,200,000 Settlement

Chainsaws don't hurt people, people do. And isokinetic strength and aerobic capacity tests don't discriminate against people, work evaluators do. The June 13, 2018 announcement of a consent decree between the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and CSX...

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Municipal Worker with Two Disabilities

This blog post is based on a question from a participant in a recent webinar. “I have a situation where I performed an FCE (a one-day worker evaluation) on an individual who is a municipal worker.  He has been on light duty for a biceps tendon repair, and...

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EEOC vs Cessna – Invest in Understanding ADA Title I

  Last month’s Cessna Aircraft settlement with the EEOC brings into focus many of the reasons I redirected my life’s work in rehabilitation and employment testing to focus on the challenges and benefits presented by Title I of the ADA. As I have said in...

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