Shining a Light on Fit-for-Duty

Fitness-for-Duty Vendor Entangles Cummins Power in Title 1 and GINA Trap Here is another cautionary tale for employers who hire outside medical professionals to administer ADA Title 1 employment tests. Although occupational therapists, physical therapists, and physicians who provide post-offer employment testing and functional capacity evaluation for stay-at-work or return-to-work may not be first in […]

A Skilled Surgeon Should Stay Out of the Forest

  The temperature at dawn today was minus 18 degrees.  My day today is about bringing in more firewood, working on an online curriculum for a new course, and writing a blog or two. The pleasant thing about splitting or moving firewood is that I get into the flow of thinking. Today’s thought: if you were allowed […]

Managing Risk in ADA Title I

  A friend and former colleague of mine who loved numbers was a keen observer of human behavior. He “came up” in the days of putting pencil to paper. I first met him in the year just after the Apple II was conceived. Visicalc may have resided in a future thinking nerd’s brain but it […]

GINA Settlement Affects Employment Testing Practices

  A recent settlement in the Joy Underground Mining case is a wake up call for employers who retain physicians or therapists to conduct medical examinations and employment tests. Specifically, the details of the case remind us all to review the medical history forms we use to collect what was once routine family information. This […]

Cross-Training in the ADAAA Title I Environment

  I recently received an interesting question during a support call; the issues are paraphrased below: “One issue that seems to come up at a couple employers I deal with is “cross jobs”. By this I mean, one job title is cross-trained in several other jobs and could be moved across jobs even daily. Clear […]