Shining a Light on Fit-for-Duty

Fitness-for-Duty Vendor Entangles Cummins Power in Title 1 and GINA Trap Here is another cautionary tale for employers who hire outside medical professionals to administer ADA Title 1 employment tests. Although occupational therapists, physical therapists, and physicians who provide post-offer employment testing and functional capacity evaluation for stay-at-work or return-to-work may not be first in […]

GINA Settlement Affects Employment Testing Practices

  A recent settlement in the Joy Underground Mining case is a wake up call for employers who retain physicians or therapists to conduct medical examinations and employment tests. Specifically, the details of the case remind us all to review the medical history forms we use to collect what was once routine family information. This […]

Waive My Civil Right to Reasonable Accommodation?

  As we grow our businesses, we miss some of the important little things that then become big things. I am no stranger to this fact of business life!  Baltimore-based Media Star Promotions is a company that is “Committed to excellence, which means we work hard, we play hard and we make sure to make […]