Self-Paced Training Plus Live Instruction with Roy Matheson, ADAC

Hybrid Learning Programs

Roy recognizes the advantages and difficulty of online distant learning. In order to attempt to serve our individual learning styles, each of our multi-hour courses are presented in a two-path learning format. We call this our “hybrid learning” system.

When you purchase one tuition to a designated Hybrid Learning course you gain entry to two avenues for learning. The first is an online, self-paced program which uses the Digital Chalk platform. Once you register for the course online, we will contact you with the directions for entering the recorded course. Use the materials you find in Digital Chalk to study at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office.

The second program you have available is a live, online presentation of the course with both current students and graduates. These live sessions are offered from time-to-time, typically on a Friday. You may visit this live presentation whenever it is scheduled; take it as often as you like.

Once you have registered for the Digital Chalk online course you will be automatically notified when Roy schedules a live presentation. If your email address changes, please let us know.

FCE & Post-Offer in the Era of Title I 

In this 6-hour, one-off training, Roy Matheson conveys what you need to know about work evaluation practice standards laid down by the federal courts. These standards will change your practice, documentation, and reporting of functional capacity evaluation, post-offer offer tests, and job analysis.

Essential Function Job Analysis

FCE and Post-Offer employment tests are becoming increasingly visible in the federal court system. An understanding of how and when to perform an essential function job analysis to support these services is crucial to your ongoing success. This course will quip you to serve the growing need for ADA Title I compliant job analysis.

Post-Offer Employment Testing

This practical course culminates in the draft and validation of a Post-Offer test. Use the forms provided or the Matheson Essential Function Job Analysis and Post-Offer Testing software to produce valid POET protocols.

The Reasonable Accommodation Workshop for Absence and Disability Managers

The Reasonable Accommodation Workshop is an intermediate-level class for those who are ready to use the tools of ADA Title I to manage their reasonable accommodation caseload. (On-demand, recorded course)

Reasonable Accommodation Training for Supervisors/Managers (Not a hybrid learning course)

Learn the actions a supervisor or manager must take, cannot take and shouldn’t take relative to a request for reasonable accommodation.

Reasonable Accommodation Training for HR Professionals (Not a hybrid learning course)

Learn the things a human resource professional must do, cannot do, and shouldn’t do relative to the receipt and management of a request for reasonable accommodation.

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