I just wanted to say thank you for hosting an excellent continuing education training last week! It was the best training I have been to so far! It was so nice to meet others who understand what I do, and with whom I could discuss topics and issues I experience in my line of work. I met some really great people! And, as usual, you were a great presenter. I learned so much in two days. I just find this subject matter so fascinating. I think I easily could have stayed for an additional couple of days for more learning. I’m really glad I decided to attend the training. 

Thanks again!

Danni Arroyo, OTD OTR/L CEAS

Thanks Roy, for your insights and especially for this most salient observation: “Another truth is that under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, identifying those who demonstrate less than high levels of effort is not as important as identifying whether or not the individual can safely execute the physical demands of the essential functions of his or her job.

Robin M. Nagel

MS, CDMS FCI Consulting delivers Disability Lv. & Absence Mgmt., Expert Witness/HR ADAAA-FEHA, Compliance to CA Employers, Counsel

Roy’s vision and inspiration regarding the ADA and section 503 of the Rehab Act has helped me educate and guide my clients toward ethical, expert management of employees who have disability. His podcasts, webinars and software have helped me develop a deeper, fundamental appreciation of why ergonomic improvements and accommodation are so critical to successful, productive employment. I see Roy and his team at Reasonable Accommodation as a trusted partner and resource that I can refer clients to or call upon to provide quality education and training. I wholeheartedly recommend his services and content to my colleagues as the go-to source for ADA Title I and 503 information.

Thank you for contributing to the success of my consulting practice and keep up the great work, Roy!

Bret Derrick

PT, DPT, OCS,CEES, Broadway Ergonomics,LLC

Last summer, I took the Essential Function Job Analysis course from Roy Matheson of Reasonable Accommodation, and now I have another skill to offer my clients. Gaining access to the online course content was easy, and I liked the self-paced tempo. Roy was readily available via email, video conference, or phone at any request. The knowledge I gained from his expertise was invaluable. He was patient, thorough, and extremely professional. He is available whenever I have a question. Thanks Roy!

Heidi Joyce

Sr. Loss Control Wellness Consultant, VT League of Cities and Towns

Thank you for contributing to the success of my consulting practice and keep up the great work, Roy!

I have been privileged to learn and gain valuable support from Roy in the areas of FCE’s, Essential Function Job Analysis, ADAAA Title I, and Reasonable Accommodations. His expertise has benefited me in all aspects of my profession.

Thomas Gilbert CWCE, CSCS

President/Owner, WorkReady Solutions, Inc

I have had the pleasure of working with Roy on several projects. I have benefited greatly from his expert knowledge and willingness to listen and ability to provide thoughtful, forward thinking answers.

James Herzog

Ergonomic Specialist | Occupational Therapist

Thank you so much, God will continue to bless and your family.

A Nurse who is back at work in New Jersey

These free webinars are invaluable to me – I’m grateful for the information and your thorough mastery of the subject matter!

A physical therapist in North Carolina

I attended my very first Roy Matheson Industrial Rehabilitation courses 18 years ago. Roy’s highly professional evidence based approach enabled me to build a viable platform for Functional Capacity Testing and Ergonomic Assessment within my clinical practice. But as I built relationships with employers in my area, I realized that they were feeling pains that I was not equipped to help them with. Several employers that I worked with were seeing high injury rates among their workforce. Employers had concerns about employee safety and competence on the job, but they didn’t address the concerns for fear of legal suit. Doing nothing resulted in more injuries, more lost time, and more financial strain.

Roy’s recently founded company, Reasonable Accommodation, LLC, was the perfect answer in my quest to help frustrated employers. The knowledge I have gained in the area of Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has enabled me to build legally compliant programming for my employer clients, saving them thousands of dollars that was “falling out” of the bottom of their organizations in the form of injuries and/or legal cases. Roy’s expertise on ADA case law is unmatched, and it enabled me to build a new branch within my own company, which we called Formula Z. We now service employers directly in their quest to build a strong ADA compliant process for hiring, qualification, retention, and handling challenges.

Ben McCormack

PT, CEES, CWCE, Northern Physical Therapy and FormulaZ.biz

Roy and his team provide expert service and advice that pays for itself again and again. Roy is probably the most recognized expert in his field and is always there to answer questions related to ergonomics, functional capacity evaluations, ADA Title 1, and reasonable accommodations. I am very happy to recommend Roy for any task presented on his website. Feel free to contact me to discuss his excellent services further.

Walter Fluharty, Psy.D.,CEES, SPHR

Vice President, Environmental Health and Safety; Organizational , Development at Simon Roofing

Roy’s company provides very relevant, cutting edge education for my clinicians. His company has been set apart as the gold standard for functional evaluation, worksite evaluation and now he is assisting companies with navigating the ADAA. Way to go Roy!

Brent Armstrong

Regional Manager, CBI Health/Rehab in Motion