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Matheson Reasonable Accommodation

I just wanted to say thank you for hosting an excellent continuing education training last week! It was the best training I have been to so far! It was so nice to meet others who understand what I do, and with whom I could discuss topics and issues I experience in my line of work. I met some really great people! And, as usual, you were a great presenter. I learned so much in two days. I just find this subject matter so fascinating. I think I easily could have stayed for an additional couple of days for more learning. I’m really glad I decided to attend the training. 

Thanks again!

Danni Arroyo, OTD OTR/L CEAS

ADA Title 1 Implications for FCE and POET Practitioners, March 2019

“The online class was perfect for this upcoming FCE. I have attached the Job Description that I was provided for your review. The candidate has cerebral palsy and has requested accommodations.”


ADA Title 1 Implications for FCE and POET Practitioners, Online August 2019

Thanks Roy, for your insights and especially for this most salient observation: “Another truth is that under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, identifying those who demonstrate less than high levels of effort is not as important as identifying whether or not the individual can safely execute the physical demands of the essential functions of his or her job.

Robin M. Nagel, MS, CDMS FCI Consulting delivers Disability Lv. & Absence Mgmt., Expert Witness/HR ADAAA-FEHA Compliance to CA Employers, Counsel

These free webinars are invaluable to me – I’m grateful for the information and your thorough mastery of the subject matter!

A physical therapist in North Carolina

Thank you so much, God will continue to bless and your family.


A Nurse who is back at work in New Jersey

Thank you for contributing to the success of my consulting practice and keep up the great work, Roy!