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This course focuses on the seven-step reasonable accommodation management process. Typically, identifying a workable solution is not as energy-consuming as negotiating the interpersonal issues behind a request. The skill of managing the occasional difficult request comes from understanding the process and applying the tools presented in this training.

Reasonable Accommodation Training for HR Professionals

Introduction to the Course

   Those Covered by the Amended Americans with Disabilities Act

Reasonable Accommodation: A Seven-Step Process

   Step 1: Recognize a request for reasonable accommodation

      How to use the reasonable accommodation request form

   Step 2: Begin and continue the Interactive Process

   Step 3: Confirm the existence of a disability

   Step 4: Determine the essential functions of the job

   Step 5: Find a solution that accommodates the essential functions

      What is an accommodation?

      Understanding undue hardship – what does “reasonable” mean?

      Putting accommodation costs into perspective

      Purchase or modification of equipment, tools, or work aids

      Job restructuring

      Trading marginal functions

      Adjustments of the physical environment of the job site

      Changes to the flow of work

      Leave as an accommodation

      Modified or part-time schedules as an accommodation

      Determining when a modified work schedule is an undue hardship

      Modifying workplace policies as an accommodation

      Reassignment as a reasonable accommodation

      Reassignment of probationary employees

      Accommodations related to the benefits and privileges of work

      Equal access to workplace communications

   Step 6: Implement the accommodation as soon as possible

   Step 7: Document the process

Best Practices

Glossary of Terms Not Defined Elsewhere

Reasonable Accommodation – Questions and Answers

Doing Your Research

Important Background Reading

The Presentation

The course materials include a recorded presentation that the student may start and stop as needed. The presentation is not based on a PowerPoint slide deck. Instead, the author shares insights from his 30+ years of rehabilitation and Americans with Disabilities Act experience. A robust 68-page manual details the concepts discussed and taught in the course.

Coaching and Support

As we all know, becoming proficient in a skill comes with applying the knowledge gained in training with daily practice. To compliment your skill develop process, coaching and problem-solving is provided during and after the course by Roy Matheson, ADAC.


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Self-Paced Distance Learning With Coaching from Roy Matheson, ADAC

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