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Upcoming Webinars from Roy Matheson, ADAC

Using Functional Capacity Evaluation to End the Obesity “Regarded As” ADA Argument

This webinar walks through the reasons for and process of using a functional capacity evaluation to prevent ADA Title 1 employment discrimination claims based on regarding an employee as disabled.

Knowledge about a change in an employee’s ability to safely perform a task requires a response. Valid apprehension about direct threat to self or others, decreased productivity, inability to respond to an emergency, or the potential need to explore an individual reasonable accommodation carry potential adverse impact outcomes. Approaching an employee with an assumption of disability, or the mere appearance of this assumption opens the employer to ADA Title 1 non-compliance complications.

Join Roy Matheson, ADAC at 12:00 p.m. eastern time on Thursday, September 26th to learn how to take the high road through this potential thorny situation.


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