The Reasonable Accommodation Workshop for Absence and Disability Managers


Instructor: Roy Matheson, ADAC

Contact Hours: 5 NBCOT CRAC

This learning experience is for those who seek an in-depth knowledge of the “how and why” of the reasonable accommodation provisions of ADA Title I. The tools and techniques taught in this online workshop will ease management of routine and the occasional difficult request for reasonable accommodation. This practical training includes “best practice” interviews with seasoned guest commentators.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the rules of ADA Title I as they relate to job accommodation

Simplify the structure and flow of your reasonable accommodation program

Use the Interactive Process to navigate even the most difficult requests for accommodation

Understand the interaction between medical restrictions, essential functions, and reasonable accommodation

Document your reasonable accommodation process so you can confidently respond to an EEOC investigation

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The focus of this on-demand training includes:

The foundation

  • Who qualifies for reasonable accommodation?
  • Essential function v. marginal function
  • Undue hardship
  • Qualified individual
  • Direct threat
  • Performance and conduct standards
  • Medical documentation request

The interactive process

  • Establishing the flow of your accommodation program
  • Forms and letters used in the process
  • Documenting the reasonable accommodation process
  • Who takes the request: front line supervisors, ADA Coordinator or human resource staff
  • What comprises retaliation for an accommodation request?

Responses to the range of diagnosis and disabilities

  • Online and in-person applications
  • Unpaid leave as an accommodation
  • Shift and schedule changes as an accommodation
  • Responding to hidden disabilities
  • Transfer to an open position – the accommodation of last resort
  • Accommodating tenured knowledge workers
  • Employer sponsored social activities
  • Your aging workforce