Post-Offer Employment Testing


Employers across America are seeking the services of clinicians trained to practice within the boundaries of recent federal court decisions and EEOC enforcement actions. These decisions and enforcement actions have defined the rules of post-offer employment testing.

Course Topics

  • The importance of having two tests in one: a “safe for testing” protocol and an ability to work protocol
  • When to deny testing versus when to deny employment
  • How to ensure you memorialize the documentation used to write the test protocol
  • How to work with the employer to determine a return-for-testing policy
  • How to listen for a request for reasonable accommodation during testing
  • How to plan a POET based on the physical demands tied to the essential functions of the job
  • The role of physical effort testing during a POET test
  • The role of a physician release for testing and how it affects the test progression
  • Prepare yourself to launch a successful clinic-based POET program
  • Learn how to become an indispensible part of an employer’s hiring, return-to-work and stay-at-work program
  • Learn how to write a defendable Post-Offer test
  • Learn how the amended ADA law shapes what we do, and don’t do, in Post-Offer testing
  • The practical and financial aspects of the experience – implementation, time, documentation and cost
  • Review of studies that support the value of POET

Training Materials

The post-offer employment testing training uses a variety of printed and digital media.

  • 200-plus page The Americans with Disabilities Act – Title I Case Reference Document”
  • 60-plus page course manual with slides and case studies
  • 28 page job analysis forms set
  • 3 digital videos of manufacturing, heavy labor, and office jobs
  • 6 on-demand course modules

This practical course culminates in the draft and validation of a Post-Offer test. Use the clinical forms provided in the course package or use the Matheson Essential Function Job Analysis and Post-Offer Testing Software to produce valid POET protocols.

Employers that place people in jobs with high levels of physical exertion or in jobs with a history of injuries rely on Post-Offer Employment Testing as a crucial step in the hiring process. Identifying individuals who are unable to safely perform the physical demands of a job prior to the final hiring decision saves a myriad of costs including replacement, re-training, worker’s compensation claims, and charges of discrimination under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This one of a kind course will train you to design post-offer testing protocols that comply with the medical examination standards of Title I and recent federal court decisions and EEOC enforcement actions.

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