Reasonable Accommodation Management Software

$149.00 / month

Product Description

Cost – $149/month/per headquarters installation; addition fee for outlaying operations

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Requests for Accommodation
  • No hidden monthly fees or upgrade costs
  • No Contracts – You can cancel at any time
realtimeReal-time Dashboard

Versatile and adapts in response to your need to know:  Allows companies with multiple locations to see single location or company-wide activity. 

qualified requestUnlimited Users

Every supervisor, human resource and risk management staff member can access the software with no additional charge.

orange-world-map-256Access Anywhere

Information can be shared by appropriate personnel in same-office or geographically-dispersed locations.

int. convRecord the Interactive Process

Tracks the “all-important” collaborative and Interactive Conversation between the employee, the manager/supervisor and other appropriate personnel.

email iconEmail Notifications & Reminders

Notify employees and supervisors of important changes/updates regarding the request. Send reminders to follow-up on “in-process” requests.

Untitled design (18)Reporting

View and sort requests based on:  location, department, status, employee and assigned HR manager.