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Participants in my presentation at the annual Disability Management Employers Coalition (DMEC) conference voiced concern about how to take the first step toward testing potential employees.

Join me on Thursday, September 6, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. (EDT), for a step-by-step discussion of how an employer should approach an employment testing program under ADA Title I and the 1973 Rehabilitation Act.

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The Purpose of Employment Testing

Benefits and results to expect

The difference between testing for hiring, retention, and return-to-work

When can you legally test for hiring or retention?

Prepare Not to Discriminate

Create your testing policy: you control the rules

Select jobs for testing: don’t test all jobs

Do not offer a blanket test

How to select individuals for testing

Refusal to test versus refusal of employment

Physician and Vendor Roles in Testing

How to find a reputable testing vendor

Physicians and therapists are vendors

Buy the outcome: be leery of promises by salespeople

Judge vendors by answers to these important questions

You control the process, not the vendor

A charge of discrimination: you all go to court

Functional testing versus machine testing

A colossal database may be a garbage heap

Pay Attention to Your Outcomes

Disparate Impact: backpay for all

Everyone gets a trophy: this is not Little League